Information about invoicing

Keittiön hana, josta valuu vettä lavuaariin.

Invoicing of water and wastewater is based on the amount of water consumed on the property. For old consumers, the basis for estimated billing is the measured consumption of the previous year. Estimated billing for new consumers is based on the number of people.

Consumers are billed four times a year. Reading cards for mechanical meters (without remote reading) are sent to customers once a year. The customer reports the reading with a reading card by post, by phone, by email or through the homepage of Haminan Vesi. REPORTING THE READING AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Changes to billing, such as a change of owner, change in estimated consumption, change in billing address, etc., must be informed to customer service of Haminan Vesi.

Haminan Vesi cannot bill the tenant of the property. The property owner is responsible for paying the fees.

Failure to pay the water bill will cause the water supply to be interrupted! Closing and opening costs are charged according to the valid service price list.

According to section 6.4 of the terms of delivery, Haminan Vesi has the right to ask the customer for a guarantee or an advance payment if the customer substantially neglects payment obligation.

Billing periods