Disturbance situations in water supply (and how to prepare for them in the households)

Puolitäysi vesilasi puisella alustalla.

Quality disturbances in household water

If you notice changes in the water quality, Haminan Vesi recommends running cold water for about 15 to 20 minutes.

  • If the water is brown and it does not clear up by running, the water may contain iron deposits from sources such as the plumbing in the building. Deposits may also get into water during repairs or water supply interruptions in the water network.
  • The greyness in the water is air, which is harmless. The water becomes clear when it stands for a while in a glass.
  • There can be a stale taste in the water if there has been little water consumption in the building and the water has stagnated in the water pipes of the building. The taste improves by running water.

Water supply interruptions

  • Haminan Vesi primarily informs about un-foreseeable water supply interruptions on its website, regionally by text message and, if necessary, on its Facebook page. You can prepare for an interruption by keeping a portable container suitable for clean drinking water at home, for example, a 10-liter canister, which you can use to fetch water if the interruption is prolonged.
  • Water supply interruptions that are known beforehand are announced on our website and by text message sent to each property or a bulletin distributed to the mailbox. It is recommended, for example, to go to shower and prepare food before the interruption.
  • The water faucet connected to a washing machine must be closed during the water supply interruption, and the machine can only be switched on when the water is again co-lourless and clear.
  • Accumulated deposits may come off the network after water supply interruptions. These released deposits can cause cloudiness and discolouration in the water. To eliminate the disadvantages, the water utility recommends running the water until the water becomes clear. The water utility does not compensate for the running of water in properties immediately after an interruption, nor does it pay damages for damaged laundry. Water should be run from the faucets until the water becomes clear.

Frozen water meter

You can recognise a frozen water meter by the fact that no water comes out of a faucet, the water meter leaks abundantly or the glass of the water meter is cracked. The water meter is the property of the water utility, so if you suspect that it has frozen, you must contact Haminan Vesi. The water utility always replaces a damaged water meter. The owner of the property pays for a broken water meter. The owner of the property must make sure that the meter does not freeze.

Sewer odour and overflow

  • A slight odour caused by sewage pumping stations is normal. As an example, a power outage or other exceptional situation may cause an overflow. If you notice this, please contact the water utility.
  • If the sewer in the building becomes blocked, the sewer may smell or make a strange noise, or sewage may rise from floor drains and toilet bowls. This is often a disturbance situation in the building itself. Sewer smell in the property can also be caused by a dry or dirty floor drain, in which case the nuisance can be removed by running water into the sewer and cleaning the drain. If the problem does not go away, contact either the water utility or a company that offers sewage clearing services.

In order to secure its services, Haminan Vesi co-operates with parties such as supervisory authorities, and regularly takes water samples in its own area of operation.