How to submit the water meter reading

Vesimittari asennettuna paikalleen sulun viereen.

The water meter reading of mechanical meters, which are not remote readable, must be submitted for billing purposes at least once a year. The reading can be submitted by using the meter reading card sent by Haminan Vesi, by telephone, by email or by using the website of Haminan Vesi.

The water meter reading to be provided is the number of full water cubic metres (m3); one cubic metre is 1,000 litres of water. The number of the metering point and water meter can be found in the meter reading card or water bill. If the reading is submitted online, the customer number is also needed. This can be found at the same place.

It is important to submit the meter reading, because the annual consumption of the property is assessed and the annual balancing bills are drawn up on the basis of the readings. Moreover, unusual differences in the annual consumption may reveal potential leaks in the property quickly. A leak can also be detected if the water meter turns even if no water is run from any tap.

In some cases, the meter can also be read by the water utility. In this case, there is a separate fee for the reading in accordance with the service charge list.

Water consumption and changes in it must be monitored by the customer also in properties where a remotely readable meter is installed. Digital water meters work online and are powered by a built-in battery. These meters can be read remotely and they send a consumption reading at least once a day.

If the digital display of the remote-readable water meter is darkened or dim, Haminan Vesi must be notified.